A Research On The Health Care Continuum Essay

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A major role in nursing is advocating and supporting patients and their families at any point in the health care continuum. This advocacy and support is beneficial during the end-of-life care to help patients and their families understand what it is their family member wants, and also, to help them navigate through the process of loss. For end-of-life care to be successful the conversation needs to start before the person is terminally ill and, in some cases, unable to communicate their last wishes to family or staff. The nurse can play an integral part in furthering conversations about end-of life care and what aspects are included within the topic so that the patient and family can understand and be prepared for the end.
“The nurses ability to represent the patient and communicate on the patient’s behalf is a core behavior at the end of life” (Hebert et al, 2011,p.325). The action of representing the patient at this time in their life could help to alleviate stress and allow them to focus on other aspects of their lives that do not center on their medical treatment. A report by the Institute of Medicine states, “Right now. There is too much fear and apprehension, and the discussions don’t happen” (Armour, 2014). This avoidance of the topic of end – of – life care only inhibits the patient and the healthcare team that works with them in providing the best care for the patient. In the article by Hebert et al., they conclude, as healthcare clinicians, that if the patient…

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