Essay A Research On Stem Cell Research

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What would you do if your closest love one suddenly became paralyzed? In the past there was nothing to do to reverse paralysis, but what if there is now? Would you accept the risks and take a chance on a method that could get your loved one walking and back to normal again? Stem cell research is no longer a future unrealistic concept, it is here and having enormous impacts on the medical field. It not only may be the answer to paralysis, but it also has the potential to cure many of our society’s “incurable” diseases. and be the starting point for numerous other futuristic challenges; therefore, the United States should continue to invest in stem cell research due to its medical benefits, potential to cure various diseases, and it is the basis for other regenerative projects. Background Webster’s dictionary states that a stem cell is, “a cell that upon division replaces its own numbers and also gives rise to cells that differentiate further into one or more specialized types, as various B cells and T cells” (Webster’s). In other words, stem cells are the mother cells of the body, having the ability to turn into any type of regular adult cell. However, once a cell specializes (like a skin cell, muscle cell, or hair cell) it can not change its function or type. Because of this fact, a problem of regeneration occurs. While some cells, like skin cells, have a high rate of regeneration, others, such as spinal cord cells, never do. “Because nerve cells are so specialized, they…

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