A Research On Planned Parenthood Essay

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Planned Parenthood is a business that was made to provide medical care and options for men, women, and young adults. They try to provide services to prevent pregnancy through education and contraceptives as well as assist men and women medically by providing testing, care, and family planning. It was created to give a more affordable way to provide for the reproductive side of health, they emphasize on preventative care but they offer help in a way the protects the women or men’s identity. However, to encompass all care they do offer things like Plan B and even abortions for women who have chosen that pass. This service became the center of many political and economic debates. On one side of the debate people felt funding that because of all the care Planned Parenthood provides they should not have the government cease funding because their care is all encompassing. While other people believed that Planned Parenthood should no longer be government funded do to the option they provide like abortions. Debating each perspective, the authors Carrie Earl and Andrea Flynn, use statistics to make a case for their position on government funding for Planned Parenthood. Carrie Earl believes that funding should be cut off due to the establishments hand in abortions. While Andrea Flynn makes an argument that the government should continue the full amount of funding towards Planned Parenthood. Carrie Earl uses her statistics in the article “A Case to Defund Planned Parenthood” to try…

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