A Research On Genetic Engineering Essay examples

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Genetic engineering is a child who is growing older and move developed as the years go by in the world today. Scientist have been working on it for over 50 years but have not had the technology necessary to conduct and do further research on the topic. As a matter of fact, scientists are cautious and a little intimidated by the dangerous and risks of genetic engineering, which disables them to do further research on the topic. “We are already firmly in the midst of the new technology, and the coming century promises to bring even greater strides in this field” (Koepsell). With the help of genetic engineering the world, as we know it could improve tremendously. Even with the risks biotechnology brings, they are nothing compared to what good genetic engineering can bring. The generation to come needs to move on from the comfort that the past provides and explore new ideas.
Biotechnology has many different way to be interpreted. All of the interpretations are great but by far the best and most broad understanding is basically a alteration of something to make it better than it was originally. “Genetic engineering is the modification of an organism’s genetic composition. It often involves in the transfer of specific traits, or genes from one organism into a plant or animal of an entirely different species” (Liao). There are many benefits to genetic engineering some of these benefits many people would think were not even possible for example biotechnology could alter the human…

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