A Research Based On The Classification From General Kinds Of Research

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1. What kind of research is (SNS.PPF), based on the classification from "General Kinds of Research"?
In my opinion, this article refers to one of general kinds of research to applied research. First of all, applied research also focused on answering practical questions to provide relatively immediate solutions. Secondly, topics for applied research are often driven by current problems in education. Finally, an applied research study might focus on the effects of retaining low-performing elementary school students in their present grade level or on the relative effectiveness of two approaches to counseling.
As we can see from article title “Frequent Use of Social Networking Sites Is Associated with Poor Psychological Functioning Among Children and Adolescents”, this research based on bad impact of social networks sites (SNS) to the children and students mental health. Moreover, the main thing in this article is that daily SNS use of more than 2 hours was also independently associated with poor self-rating of mental health and experiences of high levels of psychological distress and suicidal ideation.
2. How can we apply the "Principle of Evidence" when reading and interpreting the contents of (SNS.PPF) ?
According to the principle of evidence, what is gained in empirical research is evidence, not proof. This means that knowledge based on educational research is ultimately tentative. In this article, the authors have a lot of statistical examples of how social networks…

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