A Research Article On Sickle Cell Disease Essay

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The journal article first talks about Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) being steadily rising in Ireland more than ten years. SCD raised because of immigration. This disease is most common in men. The condition of SCD makes the abnormal red blood cells not function properly. The life span of a person with SCD is shortened. This disease is a global health problem.There was a non - funded neonatal screening program for all the children identified SCD in Republic of Ireland born after 2005. The screening helped to compare and review all the kids with this blood disorder from 2009 to 2012. There were a lot of statistics in the article, especially about the results of the screening program.
How the information may be used for paper # 2? 1paragraph This information may be used for writing assignment #2 because this article explains the screening test in Ireland. This informations will help the reader understand what screening is used for and how medical doctors and scientists screen children for Sickle Cell Disease. The results of this article will be used to make people aware of the impact that screening will help children see if they have Sickle Cell Disease. This text will show the readers that new new test are being implemented in order to help the individuals to to see if they identify with Sickle Cell Disease. This information about sickle cell disease is a global problem will be used to show that Sickle Cell Disease isn 't just a epidemic in the United States it 's an…

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