A Report On Third Party Logistics Essay

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Third party logistics
A company that manages logistics operations of another company is known as a third party logistics company. The process of outsourcing the logistics and distribution activities is the 3PL and the service providers usually expertise in warehousing, transportation, inventory management, packaging and freight forwarding. These administrations are scaled and modified to the client 's particular needs taking into account their economic situations and the distinctive requests and conveyance administration prerequisites for their items or materials. There are a large number of 3PLs in the business sector that offer diverse models and perform distinctive assignments. For instance, certain 3PLs may just represent considerable authority in specific businesses.
Different 3PL services
• Standard the basic activities of pick and pack, storing and delivering.
• Service developer they provide services like tracing or tracking, customer specific packaging, and cross-docking.
• Customer adapter this service takes over the entire logistics of another company.
• Customer developer this service integrates with another company and controls over the complete logistics operation.
Fourth party logistics
The 4PL integrates technology with resources and capabilities to service the entire logistics and supply chain management. The difference in point of view from 3PL, is that 4PL controls the overall process and sometimes even managing the 3PL. The services provided by a 4PL…

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