A Report On The Stock Market Game Essay

831 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
After a month of playing the Stock Market game our overall outcome is nowhere near what I presumed it would be. We originally invested in Amazon, Nike, Twitter, Xerium Technologies, SouthWest Airlines, Wingstop, and Benefitfocus. We wanted a variety in stock investments incase a certain area such as gas has a huge loss; had we invested entirely in oil companies we would have lost all our money, which is why a variety is necessary if one kind of company is suffering you will at least have other investments to help back up the crash losses. So we invested in clothing/shopping, social media, oil, airlines, food, and technology. Since the first day we have started the game we have not made any real income. Actually most of our stocks lost money. On average we have had a $2,000 loss. However while researching my portfolio I discovered my group still has over $60,000 to invest.
My number one investment that I predicted would make the most income was Amazon, however unlike my original prediction the results were drastically contrasting. Amazon was originally invested in at $789.99 per share and has lost great value since it is currently $740 per share, which is a $40 decrease, consequently our biggest investment was in Amazon with a total of 50 shares. Amazon hasn 't been reaching their profit expectations for the past few months, which is most likely the cause to their stock downfall, however there is a glimmer of hope with the new cloud arm plans. My investment in SouthWest…

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