A Report On The Microbiology Lab Manual Essay examples

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After the incubation period, the agar containing the antibiotic testing was taken out and if the microbe reacted with the antibiotic, a circle or clearing would appear around the disk containing the antibiotic. The diameter of this circle was then measured and compared with a table found on page 95 of the Microbiology Lab Manual to understand the antibiotics resistance, intermediate and sensitive levels, as they differ for each antibiotic. The numbers on the table in the Microbiology Lab Manual represented whether the microbe was resistant, shown in the light blue color on the graph, intermediate, shown in purple, or sensitive to the antibiotic, shown in the periwinkle color. As shown in figure 1 above, indicated with a yellow line, each antibiotic tested on unknown microbe #7 turned out to be sensitive. The diameters of the cleared out areas were vancomycin: 21mm, erythromycin: 27mm and ciproflaxin 27mm. This means that the antibiotic inhibited the growth of the microbe and virtually stopped it from growing any further.

DISCUSSION: As with any scientific experiment, not all tests went smoothly or came out with the correct results matching the identity of Corynebacterium xerosis. Initially when unknown microbe #7 was gram stained and observed under the microscope, the color appeared more pink than purple, leading to the conclusion that unknown microbe #7 was gram negative. However, when completing the KOH lysis test, the microbe didn’t become sticky and remained…

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