Essay on A Report On The Healthcare Expenditure

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1.0 Chapter one: Introduction “As global healthcare expenditure soars, and as systems are increasingly required to deliver better care to more people using less resource, the challenge to explore the promises of lean thinking is compelling” (Young and McClean, 2009 p.309). In the United Kingdom (UK) for instance there was a serious rise in public healthcare spending from 3% in 1960 to 7.8% in 2010 (Pettinger, 2015). Although healthcare spending has falling as percentage of a GDP in the UK since 2010, the healthcare expenditure is still very high (Pettinger, 2015). Despite the risen expenditure, there has not been much improvement in patience care. In a report by Kings Fund, about the NHS in England, Professor John Appleby who is the chief economist at Kings Fund, said: “the next government will inherit a health service that has run out of money and is operating at the very edge of its limits” (Triggle, 2015). Because service and financial pressures becoming a problem, there is a risk that patient care is going to deteriorate (Triggle, 2015). The King 's Fund review discovered that waiting times for cancer care and routine operations and A&E had all started getting worse, while deficits were growing (Triggle, 2015). The report notes that bed occupancy has increased to high levels whiles there is rise in delays of discharging patients. Funding has been increased by 0.8% a year on average (Triggle, 2015). There is also a rising cost due to population growth, aging population…

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