Essay A Report On The Corporate Report Card

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We have been unable to give Volkswagen a grade higher than an A- based on its failure to succeed in some of criteria on the Corporate Report Card. Its inability to satisfy its triple bottom line sufficiency leads to this grade which can be derived from many components.
First off, in regards to its equity and family section. Volkswagen only barely skims the top of many concerns such as the equality between senior positions for men and women and concerns for workplace diversity and employment equity. For women on board, Volkswagen employs only three women on its Supervisory Board out of the twenty members (15%), namely Dr. Louise Kiesling, Birgit Dietze, and Annika Falkengren, two of them only recent inclusions in the past year. Volkswagen’s senior management staff also only has one female manager out of the 8. Because of these low percentages of female senior staff, even in comparison to rival company Daimler which has 25% females within its supervisory boards, we give them a low grade in regards to this section. Sexty states that “ With regards to bu siness organizations, women have not advanced a owners, managers, professionals, and members of boards of directors relative to men, creating a demand for gender equality and dignity of women.” (sexty, 274)…

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