A Report On The City Of The Plaza Essay

1008 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
I arrived in the Academic Plaza before four in the afternoon and noticed two people lying in their hammocks, which were on opposite ends of the plaza. The sun radiated through the leaves and a light breeze kept the plaza cool and balmy. One of the hammocks was a bright turquoise color and it quickly caught my eye. I decided to approach this person versus the other because she was closer in proximity to me and exuded a friendly aura. Haley’s hammock dangled in one of the larger trees in the area from a notably large branch, which was near enough to the ground for her to reach. She inhabited her double-nested Eno hammock alone while completing an assignment on her laptop. Haley’s earphones resided within her ears when I approached, so my introduction exerted a slight awkwardness; however, we exchanged a little information about ourselves and Ms. Page was kind enough to agree to respond to my prepared questions.

Prepared Questions:
• How often do you hang your hammock outside?
• When did you hammock for the first time?
• Are there other locations that you enjoy doing this, or do you primarily hammock in the Academic Plaza?
• What kind of activities do you typically do during your time here?
• Do you prefer to hammock alone or with other people?
• How long do you like to stay when you come to the Academic Plaza?
• How important is weather when you consider this activity?
• Do you ever talk to the other people in the hammocks around you? (If yes,) have you met any friends by…

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