A Report On Smart Parking Essay

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Smart Parking

The product I have an idea for is a mobile application called ‘Smart Parking’. The app enables drivers to easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time so it will result in less traffic, also the pollution will be reduced, drivers do not have to worry about trying to find space while they’re on their way to college or work. The application also shows customers with real life statistics with amount of percent the parking deck is full. The application is free to the users with no account to sign up or go through verification process to run the app. The user will also be able to hold or reserve the parking space for up to 30 minutes before they can reach their destination by using GPS. When the user is in 30 minutes of range they will be prompted notification to reserve the space.

Major Functions are listed in the text below:

No sign up hassle - One of the feature of the app is that it requires no accounts to be created in order to run the app or use the app. When you first launch the app it will install profile on the device which will recognize the user the next time they run the app. The profile ID is listed in the settings application on the phone if you want your account to be located easily in case you’re moving from an old device to a new one.

GPS functionality - One of the important function of the application is that it has built in navigation system so customer does not have to use different app while they’re driving to work or college. Also…

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