A Report On Project Management Essay

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This report presents some examples of bad news, how they occur and some effective ways for project managers to communicate and deliver bad news to the client, project team and the CEO. It is recommended that managers should keep early and regular contact with stakeholders and deliver bad news without delay to multiple audiences specifically based on general principles calmly.
When it comes to project management, it is essential for project managers to understand the importance of communication and know when and how to communicate with their clients, project teams and CEOs. Besides, since bad news may happen during a project, managers also need to know when and how the bad news occurs and how to deliver them to other stakeholders in a proper way.

The aim of the report is to show techniques for project managers to communicate and deliver bad news to stakeholders properly, in order to better interact with stakeholders and avoid failure in the project due to communication problem.

1. Communication

1.1 Why and when to communicate with stakeholders
Communication is the heart of a project, which engages stakeholders, keeps them updated on progress and helps project manager balance the line between meeting the client’ demands and defending the project team.

The best way for a project manager to communicate is early and often through all the procedures of a project, even in the closing stage.

As it may be too late when the impact of a problem is clear,…

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