Multi-Project Resource Management Case Study

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The three most common problems associated with multi-project resource scheduling are related to a lack of supply. There is only so much that can be distributed in terms of either time or manpower even the largest businesses. Companies must pick and choose among their projects and decide which will get what kind of attention and when. This process is likely to cause competition within the organization as well as confusion and occasionally delays.
• This company has more good ideas than they can reasonably expect to devote resources to. Management often must choose between projects assigned to different groups that have an equal chance of success. The resulting competitiveness must be managed to avoid bitterness within the organization. Once projects are underway, competition will also arise as each project head attempts to gain maximum project resources. This can make it hard for upper management to correctly gauge how successful any single project is or how much more in resources to provide. Upper management must inspect the progress of each project carefully to separate fact from fiction.
• Because project heads can be prone to declaring greater likelihood of project success only if greater resources are allocated, there can be a great deal of confusion associated with
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Like the financial industry, if you multitask and make a mistake during that task many problems can occur. In which it affects customer accounts and also create unforeseen problems in management to deal with the problem. Concentrate on one upon completion and move to the next project. Employees are afraid of losing their jobs so they tolerate being overworked, which is multitasking. Because problems of multitasking, project managers must remember that other team members have other projects that they are assign to. Often employees will have numerous tasks on any given number of

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