Essay on A Report On Lansdowne Road

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Lansdowne Road, located at the west side of Manhattan 43rd street 10th Ave, bonds family and friends together in a gentrified neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen. Pat Hughes (owner), established Lansdowne Road with his colleagues Mike Pew and Dan McLaughlin, an Irish bar, with personal savings and loans from the bank in the mid-2000s. Lansdowne Road has 18 employees, and earns an annual income of $826,000 USD. Per Governor Cuomo’s executive budget plan, companies exceeding an income of $500,000 USD per year, are mandated to accommodate each employee with the new minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2018.

“From personal experience, I can surely say that candidate’s prerequisite for future positions at Lansdowne Road will require more skills. Experience and multitasking in the position will be a requisite if candidates wish to become employed” said Milton Vanegas, working in his prime years, as chef of Lansdowne Road.

Mr. Milton Vanegas begun working for Lansdowne Road for more than six years, and as he progressed, he began getting recognition for managing and operating Lansdowne Road. He underwent a vast sum of business skills gained from his brother, Mr. Wilson Vanegas, the former Chef of Lansdowne Road. Mr. Wilson Vanegas, a former chef of Lansdowne, managed more than one restaurant and understood how to accommodate employee’s wages. Mr. Wilson, educated Mr. Milton Vanegass on the various ways to approach and accommodate employee’s wages. After Mr. Milton Vanegas learned and adapted…

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