Essay about A Report On Food Truck

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3. Food truck. It would be a good idea to have an Indian food truck around the city. Sell food in gas stations, shopping centers, and keep driving until all the food is sold out. It will create an idea of how much customers are in need of Indian food in different locations. External Threats:
1. Competing restaurants represent a big threat for us, also many new openings
Around Beachwood is many new openings of restaurants, and competitors who could be a serious threats for our business. We cannot control that, we just need to improve every day to satisfy customers.
2. Potential ricing prices of certain foods
Products are shipped from India, and the price for shipment is increasing every month. Products we get from local stores are increasing too, because they obtained it from India also. Other local grocery stores are rising prices as well. We cannot control that, just be ready for any circumstances.
3. Potential ricing bills in electricity, and rental payment
The electricity company raised our billing payment last month by $150. It means we need to make adjustments in how much we use our electricity, and to take control of other’s payments as (Cleaning, Decoration, New Equipment) for the restaurant.

C. Identification of Opportunities and Marketing Strategies – marketing efforts, market segmentation, target market, and positioning of the product
1. Advertise the Restaurant on social media (Groupons, Internet)
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