A Report On Firestone Walker Essay

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Firestone Walker ... I lied ... I went to Central Coast First.

I want to first apologize for lying to you. I told you last week I was going to start my tour in Orange County touring those local breweries first and then working my way out to the surrounding counties in the future. Well the future came quicker then I intended and I went up north to go visit my family. North to me is anything beyond Los Angeles but I get it, the place I really was visiting was the Central Coast. Specifically I went to Paso, Paso de Robles, or Paso Robles. What seems to be the newest hip destination to travel for wine tasting needs to consider it a beer traveling destination as well. Apparently there are a number of craft breweries that are local to the Central Coast, but this is the largest, Firestone Walker.

You have most likely come across the Firestone Walker advertising campaign. They have done a really impressive job getting their advertising machine working. I ran across a dozen or so ads as I made my way up the 101. It turns out I didn’t need to travel to the Central Coast though. Firestone Walker Venice location just opened this weekend. So if you are in the L.A. area and need to try some Firestone Walker Beer get to it. Apparently the Paso plant is on the verge of making an expansion sometime soon as well. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, lets tell you a little bit about what the tour and brewery at Paso was all about.

Firestone Walker’s Paso location is…

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