A Report On A New Fashion Market : Large Flower Pattern Are A Hit Of The Season !

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Mr. P. sees on TV a report on a new Parisian fashion wave - the report says - is about to also determine the German fashion market: Large flower pattern are a hit of the season! As Mr P. respond to this news? Will he increasingly interested in from now on for the new fad, the inquire about their success in the German market, it will be like to chat with colleagues and friends about the new flower pattern? Could it even be that Mr. P. situated next day Stoffarbe concerned and all his shirts decorated with floral patterns? Or the message makes him perhaps unimpressed?
In the 20th century we humans are more than ever faced with a variety of media. A wealth of information has on us, we process more or less consciously. What happens to the information we read in newspapers that we hear on the radio and we see on TV? What do we do with this information? In other words, what make this information with us?
This is a question of communication researchers and psychologists have investigated increased in recent decades. Would Mr. P. actually implement directly the new fad in his own closet, he would order the assumptions of Persuasionsmodells accessible, up to the beginning of the 70 's strong faith was given: According to the Persuasionsmodell mass media such as newspapers and television power through, reporting on the setting change and thus induce changes in behavior among consumers. Accordingly, the fashion report could attitude towards floral patterns influenced Mr Ps so positive…

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