A Relationship With My Father Essay

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So, I still resumed contact with my family after around six months when my father reached out to me shortly before my oldest daughter was born. I started working in Johannesburg during the week and then flew back to Cape Town over the weekends and would meet my family on occasion for dinner. Then a few months after that, his girlfriend of 20 years left him and he really struggled emotionally, so I would spend a lot of additional time in Johannesburg with him to help him through the breakup. I would travel with Logan and she had a daycare in Johannesburg and in Cape Town.
A few months later, he met one of my subordinates and they started a relationship. I was hopeful that our friendship would continue as her relationship with my father progressed and a few months after they started their relationship, I moved to the United Arab Emirates.
I hoped that as the influence of the ex-girlfriend wore off my father would change. He has since stopped drinking and smoking cigarettes, but he still goes into his dark moods. He once came to visit me shortly after I relocated to Dubai. He was supposed to help me get settled and I was staying in a hotel at the time trying to find permanent accommodation. It was a vacation for him and I didn’t approve of the apartment he tried to force me to take, but we left on good terms after I was very assertive about my decision. I then found a lovely sprawling 5 bedroomed villa to rent.
My father returned three months later with his new girlfriend.…

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