A Reflection On The Moon Essay

723 Words Oct 9th, 2016 3 Pages
The moon is a very mystifying and enticing entity for children. It’s odd glow and ever changing shape are enough to intrigue anyone. This enticing character of the moon allows for a lot of great strategies when teaching about the moon. A good grade to introduce the moon would be first grade. First grade is delightfully energetic and enthusiastic and I believe I could make a very fun moon unit. A moon lesson would fit in great with the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) 1-ESS1-1 (Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted). The moon is a great example of something in nature with observable patterns. Although the moon is a great teaching tool there are many difficulties that come with teaching a moon unit. First, the moon and its phases are something I really want the students to experience on their own. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to expect students or parents to be able to actively observe the moon. Another issue I foresee is the difficult vocabulary associated with the moon. Some of the terminology is very new to first grade and is quite advanced. Lastly, the moon phases have a lot of misconceptions that will be difficult for the students to overcome. These difficulties can be overcome with good planning and adjustment of the lesson. There are a few ways to help correct some of these difficulties when approaching the moon. A great way to address the difficulty actually viewing the moon would be to use a…

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