A Reflection On The Community Essay

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Heifetz offers three categories in which a person’s loyalties lay, colleagues, community, and ancestors. I have always experienced conflict when it comes to my loyalties to colleagues, community, as well as ancestors. My profession is ministry in a for-profit hospice in addition to the church which overflows into all parts of my life. I am perhaps more devoted to hospice due to the hurt that I have experienced in the church. Hospice affords me the opportunity to do more in ministry then the church. I have always wanted to do God’s will. The community, which I define as the church, sorority, and community services, also views me in a clergy role. In the community, there is also tension due to the fact of my dedication to the sorority over the church. The sorority pushes and allows me to operate in a clergy role when I was mistreated by a local pastor. I am working on pushing the church higher on my loyalty list; therefore, the desire to achieve “God’s will” shall be manifested in my life. The forefathers and mothers that I am loyal to are my grandparents and ancestors of the African Diaspora. Jessie Will and Roosevelt Rogers, my father’s parents, made sure after school that we did our homework; additionally, we were required do educational activity books. My grandmother, Jessie Will, received her high school diploma the year my father did. She instilled in me that I “had to get my education and leave those boys alone.” Roosevelt, my grandfather, and I…

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