Essay on A Reflection On The Catholic Church

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As a Pentecostal Christian I find that many of the disciplines I follow involve lots of “doing” and lots of noise. A big part of worship involves praying out loud, singing and activities that involve outward displays of love for our God. Silence is a discipline that I do not see practiced very often and one I know very little about, growing up in a Catholic Church I had plenty of opportunities to practice it but without understanding its importance.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
The Catholic Church allowed me to experience quite a lot of “silent” moments, from walking into church to sitting quietly after receiving communion. As a kid (and even still into adulthood) I understood that I was supposed to be quiet but that’s about it, I would still play with my toys or let my mind wonder. I might have said a little prayer but I would never give time for God to respond, or time to truly release myself into the spirit.

A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline
Mathew 4:1-2 tells us how Jesus spent forty days and nights in the wilderness. Through out Jesus’ entire ministry we see a pattern of withdrawing to a place of solitude and spending time quietly with God. In Luke 6:12-13 Jesus prays all night alone on a mountain before choosing his disciples. We see numerous examples of Jesus demonstrating the discipline of solitude and silence and it is by his example that we…

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