A Reflection On My Life Essay

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Step one of the transtheoretical model is precontemplation, this is the stage where you don’t think you have a problem and don’t intend to change it. This was me before I started this behavior change, I didn’t think I was putting on weight and if I noticed anything I blamed it on my menstrual cycle because of bloating. Step two, Contemplation is when you know you have a problem and within 6 months you intend to do something about it. I reached this point once I physically saw my weight gain when I went to go put on try on a bikini, it was then I knew I needed to start exercising but was lost on where to begin. I kept telling myself I was going to start going to the gym but kept making excuses to start going. Step three is preparation, this is when you plan to take action within a month or may have already started making changes. I started making small changes in my behavior when 2 of my friends from school got me to come out to the gym with them and we all made a pack that we would start working out together. We started figuring out a workout plan for the week and goals we wanted to reach. Step four, Action is when you outwardly modify your behavior and your environment. About a month into going to the gym with my two friend we had a time and a pattern set up for the week and made sure we were all consist with going every day. It was hard to get in that pattern but we keep encouraging each other not to slack off. Right now I am in the maintenance stage which is step…

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