A Reflection On Charles Wiley 's Seminar Essay

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A Reflection on Charles Wiley’s Seminar: “Living Life to the Fullest”
When I heard there was going to be a seminar held at Sul Ross I was intrigued, not only was there an assignment attached to the event, I was also interested in the company that was to speak and the topic that would be discussed. The guest that would speak is Charles Wiley, a respected journalist, WWII veteran, and public speaker. For me this was an interesting seminar to attend, I have went to a few seminars in college, mostly revolving around school related issues that could benefit the students in the future. This was different, this man is almost 90 years old, I wanted to know what stories he had and what advice he could give, all these years of his life and experiences he’s been through I felt that I could learn valuable information in hearing him speak. For which I say today, I learned an incredible amount of information and advice from this seminar, I aspire to accomplish and take what life throws my way learn and strive forward.
Having been born in 1926, in New York, Charles Wiley was first a Broadway actor, which had much success in as well as in other mediums such as television. When WWII broke out, he wanted to join such as many other brave men decided to do after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately at the time Mr. Wiley was too young and could not join, he decided to entertain soldiers by joining the USO, when he was of age he was enlisted in the US Navy which brought him to the…

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