A Rational Explanation Of The American War Of Independence Essay

1576 Words Nov 16th, 2016 7 Pages
Judy Wang
Professor Joseph Hall
HIST 140
Nov.16, 2016
A Rational Explanation The American War of Independence ended in 1783 with victory of the united states and defeat of the British Empire. It established independence of the thirteen colonialists from the empire and marked the beginning of the history of the United States. Despite their victory, the colonialists were not experienced soldiers and they cannot compare to the well trained military of the British Empire at all. They could not have accomplished their victory without help from their ally countries. Among the allies, France was the strongest supporter and the greatest resource. With the financial and military aid from France, the newborn nation was able to sustain and develop itself during and after the war . The motivation of France to participate in this burdensome and easily avoided war in a time of difficulties has always been debated. The simplest answer, supported by historian Edmund S. Morgan, is that the French wanted to revenge against the British after being defeated in the Seven Year’s War in 1763 . However, the truth is much more complicated. The war was of great importance to both the government and the public of France for political and philosophical reasons instead of just a way of revenge. The French government supported the United States during the American Revolutionary War because it sought to establish a balance of power in Europe and at the same time was influenced by public opinion that…

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