A Random Sample Of 25 College Students Essay

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A random sample of 25 college students between 18 to 23 years of age chose to participate in survey administered through a research system used by Capital University called SONA. Participants had the option of participating in the survey from early March to March 23, 2015. Although open to all ethnicities, out of those who chose answer 20(90.9%) identified themselves as Caucasian, 1(4.54%) identified themselves as African American, and 1(4.54%) identified themselves as both Caucasian and Asian. Although open to all genders, out of those who chose to answer 9(36%) of them identified themselves as male, and 16(64%) of them identified themselves as female. All participants are current students enrolled in Capital University who anonymously chose to complete this study, and were able to decline to answer at any point of time during the duration of the survey. As a part of the curriculum, students are required to have a certain amount of research participation credits for certain classes, and in order to fulfill said requirement have a few options. One of those options is to take one or a few of the many surveys posted on SONA , as result the compensation for those who decided to participate in this study received a research participation credit for their classes that required them. Economically, out of the 25 people who chose to participate in this study 6(24%) of them identified as Lower Middle Class, 12(48%) of them identified as Middle Class, and 7(28%)…

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