A Psychological Evaluation On Childhood Environment Essay

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Childhood environment plays a huge roll in what characteristic you’ll develop. Most children remember their childhood as a time of immense love and joy, but for the kids that come from low-income households it is a different story. “Buka, Stichick, Birdthistle, & Felton, found youths from low-income neighborhoods witnessed significantly more severe violence [viz., murders and stabbings] than youths from middle- and upper-income neighborhoods” (“Discrepancies in the Incidence of Violence”). These children are being forced to grow up in an unsafe environment which can lead them to make bad decisions. Therefore, a minor should not be charged as an adult. Deeper investigation must be conducted before we can allow the justice system to take any act towards our children who are merely a product of their environment. We must perform a psychological evaluation on the minor that is being charged and consider what caused the minor to take such drastic actions. Let’s not forget that it is not in a child’s nature to be criminally malicious. If children as young as eight are being convicted of crimes we have to asses the environment they are developing in, and try to better their community.
In order to better our communities we need to come together and voice our needs to our government. Since the root of crimes starts off in our communities let 's invest our money in our communities. Hosting after school programs such as LA’s best, Boys and Girls club, and YMCA, can keep our…

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