A Program Implementation Plan For Elementary Schools Essay

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contentment from knowing that their young ones are taught English in a regime where they are wholly supported.
TBE Program Implementation Plan
To implement the proposed TBE program in Manhattan elementary schools with considerable populations of ELLs having Spanish as their first language, an advisory committee will be put together (Corson, 2001; Garcia, Jensen & Scribner, 2009). The committee will comprise of TBE instructors, parents along with members of the communities hosting the targeted elementary schools. The committee will have regular meetings in which they will plan, operationalize, as well as appraise, the TBE program in specific school districts. The committee will be charged with fostering effective, as well as open, communications between instructors and learners and between schools and parents (Corson, 2001; Cummins, 2000). It will build partnerships that are active between the ELLs’ parents and school districts.
The committee will ensure that the targeted elementary schools have committed and qualified, as well as motivated, TBE instructors and paraprofessionals (Garcia, Jensen & Scribner, 2009). Such instructors and para-professionals are essential to the optimization of learning among all learners, especially ELLs (Gándara, 2010; Gándara, 2012). The instructors and para-professionals will be Spanish proficient and satisfy all the applicable legal and professional specifications (American Federation of Teachers, 2002). The instructors and para-professionals…

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