A Positive Light On Transgender Identity Essay

1545 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
Intro While transgender rights are gaining traction in America, it becomes critically important to cast a positive light on the history of transgender identity, the history, and the effects on each transgender individual. Education for all ages is vital, but education for minors becomes the most crucial factor. Historically, transgender has meant a variety of things, but for the purpose of cohesion, transgender here will refer to individuals who identify as female to male, or conversely, male to female. Understanding transgender identity is the first stepping stone towards acceptance. It is important to note that identifying as transgender or any of the other gender, sexuality or romantic minorities (GSRM) is not a psychological disorder, having been removed from the latest copy of the DSM V (Chan). Gender dysphoria is characterized by distress with a cross-gender identification (Chan). Transgender individuals can live a life happy with their cross-gender identity. The depression and other distress is typically caused by minority oppression and other discrimination factors. The typical education system offers little insight to GSRM inclusion, if at all. Many high schools across the nation input some variety of an LGBTQA club, but few offer history, let alone significant support to their GSRM students. Currently, transgender rights are of the most importance in our area. New England has some of the more forward thinking politicians, and many of the states offer legal…

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