Caster Semenya

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Caster Semenya is an athlete who has identified herself as a woman and has her whole life. However, it changed when she was required to do a gender testing. In this test, she found out that she had no ovaries or uterus, but she did have testes that could produce testosterone. Because of this result, there was a huge debate whether she would be allowed to race as a woman because she had a huge advantage over the others. However, Dr. Myron Genel, a professor at Yale University, states that she is a female born with a birth defect. Normally, in the world there is 1% of the population that are born with a disorder of sexual development. Many of these people can show the physical characteristic of both genders or have a chromosomal disorder. Furthermore, it is not usually noticeable in a girl until she hit puberty or she is trying to have babies, or in Caster’s case with a gender testing. But she is not alone, in 2000, the Journal of The American Medical Association reported that 27 of the 11, 373 had a disorder of sexual development. In some cases, it can be treated with surgery. But many doctors recommended for the patient to be older because their gender usually becomes noticeable at an older age.

Thomas Beatie was
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In Caster Semenya's case, she was assign to be a woman and she did identified herself as one. Even tough, she did not have a female reproductive system. In Thomas Beatie's case, he was born a female but never felt like one. When he grew older he decided to change his gender to male, making him a transsexual. In David Reimer’s case, he was born a guy but was raised as a girl due to getting his penis burned. But never in his life had he felt like a female because he knew something was different with him. When he grew older he found out that he was born a male. And when he was old enough, he went through a surgery for him to become a male

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