Essay on A Plant Based Diet Vs. Diet

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A Plant Based Diet Verses a Meat Based Diet
Around the world there are many different cultures with varying diets and many are meat based. Though, is the consumption of meat a healthy option? With this in mind, many people are now becoming vegetarians or vegans because of the health benefits associated with a plant based diet verses a meat based diet. There are many different types of plant based diets ranging from vegan, a diet which consists solely of plants and does not include any products from animals, including dairy, to pescatarian, a diet which includes no meat products expect for seafood (Bliss 6). In between, are diets which include consumption of plants along with eggs and dairy and diets that do not include eating eggs, but include dairy products. A vegetarian diet has been found to be the optimal diet, even though it is thought by some to provide deficiencies, it is linked to a longer span, and reduces diabetes.
Moreover, in Western societies obesity and diabetes are big issues due to the consumption of saturated fats. However, in the study of white adult Seventh Day Adventists, most of who were lacto-vegetarians (ate eggs and dairy products), over a period of twenty years the “prevalence of diabetes was lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarians” (Snowdon 507). Vegetarians tend to eat high fiber diets which control blood sugar (“Vegetarianism” 6) and in essence diabetes. Conversely, non-vegetarians tend to have lower consumption of beans, legumes, whole…

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