Essay A Place For Annie

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A Place for Annie, has done a good job showing how the way you act in front of a child can affect their development. The movie starts out with a newborn baby named Annie coming to the hospital where she gets taken care of by her pediatric nurse Susan. Susan has done a superior job getting close to Annie socially by talking to her and physically by holding and showing her love. In doing this Susan has affected Annie’s development by making her more ready for her years to come. As Annie is the the hospital she has nobody to love her besides Susan because her heroin addicted mom Linda had left her. By Linda leaving Susan it could affect Annie emotionally in the future. Growing up without a mother could potentially scar Annie. She also passed on HIV antibodies to Annie affecting her physical development. Since her mother does not want Annie the hospital social worker Alice is trying to find somewhere for Annie to go. She wanted to send her to a hospital to die. This would have emotionally affected her development, because she would lay in some hospital waiting to die. At this point of the movie Susan said she would take Annie home where she would take care of her. Then, Annie is introduced to Susan 's son David. He had an impact on her social development. He tried to talk to her and hold her, but she would just cry and he retorted to playing his music loudly only to grow farther apart. After Annie had been living with Susan, Dorothy was hired to be Annies nanny. Dorothy had a…

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