A Pillar Of The Jain Religion Essay examples

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Ahimsa, a pillar of the Jain religion, translated to English as non-violence, was one of the key notions of Ghandi teachings. Growing up, I respected Gandhi’s teachings for his work with non-violence and thought this would be a great event to attend as my parents were advocates of non-violence back in India. So I decided to attend the event with my parents at City Hall in Hamilton on October 4th , the event was running the entire day and being crunched for time I was only able to go for a few hours during the peace walk down the streets of downtown Hamilton. A few interesting facts I learned about the city was its nickname “the Peace Capital of Canada”, I found it very captivating because I didn’t think Hamilton was known for anything but it’s beautiful waterfalls.
The key theme of this year’s Mahatma Gandhi Peace Festival was enlightening individuals about climate change through the words of Gandhi. At first I didn’t think there was a correlation between the two ideologies but as the event went on and I interacted with the Individuals from an organization called Blue Dot my perspective changed. Firstly, Blue Dot is an organization founded by the David Suzuki foundation; their goal is to increase awareness about climate change, fresh air, clean drinking water and eating healthier food. How their goals related to the words of Ghandi was they believed one way climate change would be possible is by social change and the power of the people. This relates to the idea of social…

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