A Persuasive Stance On The Necessity Of Music Essay

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Musical Medication
(A persuasive stance on the necessity of music)

Music has been around since the dawn of mankind. Humans have discovered an art form that has created an entire industry and become a main source of entertainment in all cultures. From the original instrument of the voice to electric guitars and auto tune, humans seem to continually rely on music. Music serves as a primary source of entertainment in all cultures. The art of mixing sounds to produce an appealing noise serves as a story telling device, an expressive device, and even a communicative device. Music is specific to cultures, but is universal at the same time. The popularity of music derives the question of whether music is a luxury or a means of survival. Opinions differ in response to this question, but the answer can be determined by examining daily life and music through the ages. Everyone likes their own kind of music of course, but the question is whether or not music in general is necessary for human survival. Music has become completely necessary to human survival because of its expressive ability, connecting power, and mental healing abilities. To begin, music is vital to humans for expression purposes. Humans experience an array of emotions, and since the beginning of humanity, we have sought ways to express what we feel. Expression is a way of release in order to render emotions from filling our mind in negative ways. Expression is also a way to tell the story of what humans…

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