Essay on A Personal Note On My Life

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The last few years of my life have been difficult. Mommy committed suicide when I was only a seven year old boy and my dad left us when I was just a baby. Since the passing of my mother I have been living with my aunt. I never really had a father or any siblings so my mother was my best friend, she was the only person I was close too. Little did I know that during the best years of my life she wasn 't even happy. I spent my life with a person I love so much , but I wasn 't enough for her. I’ll never understand why. I know it must have been hard for her to raise me alone, but we didn 't need anyone else we were fine on our own. Mommy always told me to be strong , and until today I have managed to do so. I have befriended nobody, for a very good reason. Most of the kids at school think I am weird or crazy and most adults just feel sorry for me. I don 't want friends because if I would have to loose someone I love again I wouldn 't survive. Until this week these lonely years have been okay. But this week has been different. Aunt Leonie has been depressed for months and she has spent her days chugging down bottles of cheap whiskey and inviting strange men into the house. I usually would just stay in my room until morning and hide, however last week an eerily familiar face started hanging around the house . I didn 't know him but I knew his voice and the expression on his face. He would usually stay late and then drive away in his old dark blue ford pick up truck. I liked him, he…

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