My Grandpa Research Paper

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My grandpa is a person who influenced me the most. He worked as a businessman and he inspired all his sons to become businessmen.

He passed away 4 years ago when I was 16 years old.I was young when he passed away ,but he taught me so many things to improve my living in this life.
He gave me two advises,which have become motto in my life accept loosing and don’t give up.

When I was a child I didn’t like to lose in anything,even if that things just for having fun. For example,when I played with my cousins games I always like to win. If I lost a game, i’d make up any reason to explain that I lost because of something. My grandpa saw me do this thing and he took me to his room and he said"Mousa I became rich because I accept losing and I did’t give up. Also he said" the more experience you get,the better you will be “. When I was studying in my first year in high school In my physics class my teacher always gave us 5 exercises and
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I learned a lot from hem because I was always In his home, he taught me a lot, hit me a lot to teach me. If I had choice to go back by the time, I would be really happy and I would not leave him alone. I really regretful because when he died I was’t there I was with my family from my father side in a farm, that time was our muslim celebrate. while I was sleeping there I dreamed that he died I woke up with fear I don’t want to believe that I run into everyone and asked does he died? I want anyone say no but when I asked my aunt she said’’ he already died ‘’. I felt so hot while the weather was really cold my body was lost I was far away from his home I went to the street run and run and run to catch anyone with whom I can go there. Finally when I went there I saw his body death on front of me I could,t believe that,but it

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