Essay on A Perfect Flow Of Love

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A perfect flow of love is not something that can be written in a timeline, or maybe it can. Love at first site is a joke, love after a few steps, on the other hand, is completely acceptable. Some stories show a guy looking across a bar to see a beautiful girl smiling and she then looks up and her smile drops slightly. They make eye contact and her smile comes back. She looks down to the ground and the guy makes his approach towards her. It’s the flawless ‘how did you two meet’ story. But, the perfect love has steps that make the love flow along smoothly. It all starts with a simple meeting and grows more and more until the relationship turns into so much more. It may start with a simple handshake or maybe even just a work-place-break-room-head-nod, but the first step is being simple acquaintances. Merriam-Webster defines an acquaintances as “someone who is known but who is not a close friend.” The only thing the two people know about each other may be their name and maybe a few simple facts. They may know if they live far away, like coffee, their work ethic, and their surface character and attitudes. The two current acquaintances are far from love, yet even the greatest journey starts with a small step. The second little step is becoming basic friends with no strong affection. This could be sitting together during lunch or break, talking while walking down the hall, or just a few conversational texts a week. This step is strictly getting to know more about a person…

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