A Patient That Has Thoughts About Cardiac Rehabilitation Essay

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Case study number 2 presents an approach on how to deal with a patient that has thoughts about cardiac rehabilitation. Dr. Nelson’s patient, Ms. Smith was admitted to the hospital due to left shoulder pain, vague, and dyspnea. These symptoms, were later showed on her blood test results that she was experiencing an acute myocardial infarction. She later, was taken to the cardiac catheterization laboratory, so she could undergo an urgent percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, with two stents inserted also. Moreover, after the surgery, gave an ideal to Ms. Smith; to ask Dr. Nelson about the cardiac rehabilitation. Dr. Nelson was then questioning himself about the cardiac rehabilitation. These questions were, would Ms. Smith be at risk for another heart attack? Would she be able to afford it? Or how would be able to identify a quality program? This was then, followed up with a couple more questions on the concerns of cardiac rehabilitation for Ms. Smith. Therefore, Dr. Nelson can develop an informed opinion about cardiac rehabilitation so he can answer Ms. Smith questions.
Ms. Smith is an elderly woman, who didn’t have no history of heart disease prior to the myocardial infarction. Thus, a red flag was alerted, due to some risk factors, for atherosclerotic heart disease that she might have. These were: a 22 year-old history of essential hypertension intermittently controlled with medication, a 4 year history of type 2 diabetes mellitus controlled with a biguanide, class…

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