A Part Of Me You Don 't Know Essay

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A Part of Me You don 't Know When I first moved to Mexico I didn 't know how to read, write nor the Mexican lifestyle. The last few months living in Arizona my mom would teach me how to say a couple of words in Spanish, three times a week after school, she would make my brother and I sit at the table and take out our notebooks. I didn 't pay that much of attention because I thought it wasn 't going to be necessary for my life at that time. Hearing my mom telling us that we were going to move to Mexico wasn 't really good news to me it meant I had to leave my friends and school behind. On our way to Mexico, all I could think was that we 're going to move to a horrible place where there 's going be a lot of gangs in every corner and graffiti all over the walls. Emplame Sonora is where my family and I moved, it 's where my mom grew up . We arrived at my grandma 's house and her backyards is full of trees and plants but mostly there 's sand. The school my mom enrolled me wasn 't the greatest school out there. The first day attending to class was nerve racking , all these fifth graders staring at me while the teacher was introducing me to them and they all gasped when she said I came from the other side, as I went to sit down everyone stared at me and the people next to me started to ask me questions but I had no clue what they were saying I just nodded my head, By the end of the day made a couple of friends . In Mexico their school programming is different from the united…

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