A Parent 's Choice Essay

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A Parent’s Choice

Parents are faced with difficult decisions every day. When someone imagines what these choices may be, they think of the child physically being there. In some situations, the physical presence isn’t always the case. Termination of pregnancies has always been a controversial subject in religion and politics, but what most people don’t see is the struggle within the parents to make the decision to end it. Since the legalization of abortion in the 1970’s, it has been a saving grace for some expecting couples or single mothers that might not be ready to have children for a variety of reasons. Hemingway and Boyle portray the mental and physical hardships of deciding to terminate a pregnancy and also going through with child birth, not only on the mother but on the father as well. When an unexpected pregnancy occurs, the situation can be difficult on the parents who are not certain on whether or not to keep the child. There can be many reasons as to why termination can be the best option for them, such as the parents are too young or they aren’t wanting to have children together. On the other hand, there might be reasons as to why one parent doesn’t want to terminate the pregnancy. Regardless of the situation, it takes a toll mentally on everyone involved. The decision to terminate a pregnancy can strain the relationship between the mother and father of the child. In Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants”, the mother to the unborn child is afraid…

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