A Online Game System : Wii U, Xbox One, And The Playstation 4

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A Gamers Choice Do you play video games? Do you consider yourself a gamer? Maybe a child in your household does. Well as a gamer or even as a parent of a gamer, you have many options on what kind of system as a customer might want to buy. The current gen systems are the: Wii U, Xbox one, and the PlayStation 4. What are some things to consider when buying them well: one is priced or how much are you going to invest into the system for the next couple of years, the games that are for each system as in exclusive title or even third party titles, and last but not least if the system online feature are in the gamers needs like online gaming, apps or other uses besides games. In my opinion, the Xbox one is the best system what will you decide? Choose carefully. The first thing to consider When buying any new video game system as a customer is the cost of what a person is willing to spend. There has to be a set a budget on what they are willing to spend. When the current gen of systems was first available, they started at a pretty penny over 400 bucks, but since the release of this system, the price has dropped a lot. They are at a more affordable price now, according to gamestop.com the Xbox One starts at $249.99 and that includes a game in most cases for free. The PlayStation 4 is currently at $299.99 and also comes with a free game. Last but not least is the Wii U it’s currently priced at $172.97 and as the last two systems also come with a free game as well (GameStop, 2016).…

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