A Nurse 's Perspective On The Healthcare System Essay examples

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First and foremost, after reading this story, it makes you stop and think of several incidents that can occur within the hospital system. Not just from a nurse’s perspective but also from a parent’s perspective too. It’s scary to think that many patients could be receiving the wrong medication or wrong dose of a medication even after three to five providers verified the medication. If Kelsey’s parents had not been by her bedside, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, they perhaps wouldn’t have known exactly what was going on with the cares for Kelsey (i.e. 100mg dose vs. 10mg.) With that being said, it’s well pointed out in this story, even when a persons family member or parent who works in the healthcare profession, might know a lot about the healthcare system but there is always more to learn and trust those who know what is best. It also made me stop to think about when medication errors do occur, like in the story, the mother noticed something wrong with Kelsey and the doctor just simply told the mother, “they had a few problems with the medication but things are going to be okay.” It’s mind-blowing to know that Kelsey was given a lethal dose of a medication and the healthcare team wasn’t straightforward with the family. It shouldn’t take, calling the medical director to find out exactly what went wrong. Secondly, as a person who works within the healthcare system, as a nursing assistant, it shows how important we are in the cares of each patient and advocating for them.…

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