A Note On The Death Of Idiots Essay

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The Intro
I never knew how people could be so fucking despicable before I started working. And I can 't put everyone in the same pot, but most of the clients I deal with don 't deserve half of the respect I am forced to give them. No, scratch that. They don 't deserve any of it. I am expected to bow down to their every command to increase profit, yet my well-being could never compare to the added cash by the time the store closes. I 'm just as replaceable as a light bulb. Maximize profits and succumb to the mass population of idiots is what they expect you to do, but you lose your sense of identity and individuality in the process as well. Oh? Still interested in working with the public? Well, I can just imagine the thoughts running through your head right now: "Wow! Profit? Rude and idiotic clients? Low self-worth? Count me in!" Psych.
No one can deal with a worker who doesn 't want to work. Usually anyway, but that 's not necessarily the case here. Let 's keep the ones who always call in sick last minute, the ones who stay in one area all day, the ones who hide from clients, and the ones who are rude. If they don 't work, it 's fine because less money goes towards them, and we can just shove more work onto those who do show up and try their best not to lose it. AKA: half of the people who work at my job. The other half is incredibly lazy, but that 's another story
"So, why stay at a job like that at all?" Beautiful question. I sometimes ask myself the same. Why? Why? But…

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