Essay on A Note On My Son 's Face

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In this world, we all created unique and equal, but are we getting treated equally by our unique physical features? A poet name Toi Derricotte was focused on mainly racism, she also had written lots of poems about racism. The poem in the book that I selected to compare is “Black Boys Play the Classics” and the other one I found on poetry foundation website is “A Note on My Son’s Face”. In “Black Boys Play the Classics” was more about generally the color of skins of each human being races and how they act due to their certain color of skin and race. On the other hand, the poem “A Note on My Son’s Face” was more focused on the racism and hatred toward the black race, which Derricotte portray the picture through her own experiences from her son. The themes of both poems are racism and discrimination acts, which separates people into groups and treat each other unfairly. The world could be better and more peaceful if there are no racism and discrimination acts. I found several articles on Opposing Viewpoints database that written by scholars, who also have the same thoughts as myself. Some of the articles that I researched on opposing viewpoints, the person who wrote the article actually experienced racism, discrimination, or they been in the era that those themes existed. The major comparisons between the two poems about racism and discrimination, plus scholars’ articles of proofs and experiences should be the best reason why those acts should be abolished in this society, so…

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