A New Trick Help Improve Students ' Memory Essay

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Researchers claim to have discovered a new trick to improve students’ memory. Their hypothesis is that simply telling students they are going to have to teach someone else will improve their retention. To test this, a study was conducted where fifty-six undergraduates were selected and split into two groups; each of the two groups were given ten minutes to read a 1500 word passage about fictional depictions of The Charge of The Light Brigade. Then the two groups were each told separate events would happen following the reading. The first group was told that they would have a test immediately following the reading, whereas, the second group was told that they would have to teach another student. Both of these groups were not allowed to take notes and were then tested on their retention of the material twenty-five minutes after the completion of the exercise. For the test they had to recall as much information as possible from the article and then they were asked specific questions about the content. The results showed that the students who thought they were going to have to teach someone else the material had better recollection of the facts from the text, quicker recall for these points, and more accurate details of the main events and structure of the original text. In addition to this, the researchers conducted another study similar to the first, but this time they had students read an article on neurobiology. The test that followed this reading had students answer fill in…

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