Essay on A New Kind Of Ghetto

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A New Kind of Ghetto My article I chose for paper option three is on the basis of Stockbridge in Britain no longer having a serious race problem. My article was found on, titled ‘A New Kind of Ghetto.’ This article was written on November 9th, 2013, and covers the issues, improvements, and how one can evolve on the issue of race. Stockbridge Village is an island, and a home estate, built in the 1960s, to the people clearing out of Toxteth, and as well as inner-city slums as the article states. In many cases, race has always been a continuous problem where ever you go. When the word ghetto is brought up, people often picture Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, or any other race other than Whites, right? Stockbridge has taken a twist on the meaning ‘ghetto’. Fully 96% of the population of Stockbridge is of the same race: Caucasian (“A New Kind of Ghetto,” 2013). As an island, and a home estate, this is Britain’s most concentrated urban ethnic ghettos. A life in this ghetto is allowing freedom to some. This is a place for the colored people who use to be beat for being who they are. Your skin color in Stockbridge is not longer a matter of who you are. Their ethnic identity is what gives these individuals in that group a sense of belonging of a community, they are no longer looked upon as hate. With that being said, the Stockbridge still has other issues like any other place would.
The school systems as well as the job systems are causing students to fail, schools to…

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