Essay about A New Kind Of Beauty By Phillip Toledano

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Phillip Toledano, a New York based full time experimental artist and photographer of a series of photographs called “A New Kind of Beauty”, brings awareness towards society’s modern standards of beauty through documenting and creating classical portraits of individuals who have had several procedures of reconstructive plastic surgery done on their faces as well as their bodies in desperate search of a flawless body. Toledano’s “A New Kind of Beauty” was inspired by Hans, the Younger Holbein. Hans is a German artist and is also one of the most talented portraitists from the sixteenth century. He was also inspired to join and contribute to the world of photography after watching his father who was a painter and after reading a Bill Brandt book in his father’s personal library. Toledano’s main goal was to capture contemporary beauty of humans at the time and exhibit what many people in this day and age put themselves through to feel beautiful and to feel accepted in today’s society. The photographs from “A New Kind of Beauty” were debuted online in 2010. As he began getting interviewed for his different types of work, the photographs soon spread and by September 9, 2010, he had his very own Fall solo exhibition show in New York at the Klompching Gallery. These successful photographs were shot digitally, as he usually does for all his work excluding a small number personal photography. He preferred to shoot photographs digitally because he could always check his pictures and…

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