A New Course By Magdalena Kay Essay example

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Students Excelling in Higher Education or Are They?
For a person to be educated, it means they are openminded and preserving . When someone is educated, they see and know beyond of what they are told and don’t make judgements fairly unless they have been deeply invested. An educated person is someone who works hard into looking deep within instead of scratching the surface and is dedicated to their work . In “A New Course”, Magdalena Kay makes an honorable mention to Christopher Lasch’s,
“The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations”, and uncovers the roadblocks faced in higher education today. Kay emphasizes that the direction of pressures for majors, grade inflation, and “edutainment” is not the right direction that should be aimed in higher education. Kay announces that the actually purpose is not feeling good and getting easy course but to fail and be challenged to work you mind into motivation and the learning aspect. Education shouldn’t be about getting the easy “A” but to triumph in challenges and learning from failure to preserve and motivate to go further and beyond.
In “ A New Course” one of the roadblocks kay addresses in the article is the grade inflation that has recently increased in the years that has become ubiquitous. Kay acknowledges this roadblock when she states “ Our system of grade inflation is dishonest,” (Kay). This has become a roadblock in higher education because students are basically being given A’s to please

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