Essay about A New Chapter Of My Life

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• A new chapter of my life began when moving from Iran to United States in 2003 with family, which it had its own challenges. Not knowing the language, culture and atmosphere of living in United States, was quite difficult during first two years. I continued high school education from Indian Hills High School in Oakland New Jersey and then moved to Franklin Lakes, New Jersey living with parents. At that time, my parents wanted their son to become doctor at some point in future. However, that dream did not last long, because there was something else that was waiting for me to reach into that destination. Something that made me who I am today nothing other than career in construction field.
• Began college from Bergen community college study biology in 2006, where have already volunteer experience under my belt from valley hospital. The goal was to achieve my parent’s dreams seeing their son as a doctor. While I was a full time student, I worked part time, committed to long hours of study and work, but grades were not that great and decided to change major into business, GPA and grades were getting better. When I finished my associate degree from Bergen in fall of 2009, I transferred to Rutgers Newark business school in spring of 2010.
• After transferring to Rutgers business school Newark, I studied accounting and management. While in school, I did some internship to gain some field experience related to major that I was studying at the time. I was accounting and tax intern…

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